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ATTN: Mama...Did Anyone Tell You?
 You Can Lead Yourself On A 
You Don't Have to accept feeling like you don't recognize your own body....
Take Yourself on a mission.
You want wear the clothes that you love, that are you. You want to be active and have confidence your body isn't going to embarrass you with weakness or a leak.

You want to exercise but no one tells you more than "return to your normal exercise."

You know your body is different than before pregnancy. You want guidance. A plan telling you what to do and when. You want to KNOW you are not hurting yourself as you start back.

Over 200 women polled, all had similar experiences.

We naturally crave more information on how to return to exercise after having a baby.

Research shows new moms feel abandoned by medical providers to figure it out for themselves.

Mostly you are left guessing.
Your Body Will
You can LEAD yourself to recovery or have lingering effects for years.
Your day is now filled with changing diapers, feeding and being a mom. There is so much to be done some days it is hard to remember if you showered or remember the last time you washed your hair. This is the new normal for quite some time.

You Long To Feel Like Yourself Again
After sharing your body for 9 months, you feel ready to be a bit of yourself again. Squishy baby belly...go away. Simply putting on your regular clothes and feeling your personal sense of style would make you FEEL a bit more YOU.

Nothing Seems To Be Right
You've looked at several fitness programs. Nothing seems to fit with your energy level, body needs and the time you have to devote. I struggled with finding the right type of exercise too after babies. After my first baby I tried to do a popular weight lifting DVD I loved. The workouts were too long, my baby would cry in the middle of it. It didn't work.
I kept reading research and trying methods....
I knew there had to be a perfect combination...

and I was determined to get it RIGHT...

I documented my mission of healing my deep muscles and want to SHARE it!

I consider your core and pelvic floor MAMA ESSENTIALS because if you want to exercise, run, lift, chase your little one around you need to get this right first.
A Body Mission
It's not about being bikini ready.
I want to BE a STRONG woman who PLAYS with my kids
and RUNS with my friends...without making anything worse.
It was hot and humid with the sun beating down as I gave into pressure. I parked my double stroller on the basketball court and decided to give it a try.

I saw the side glances. I worried I would be seen as lazy. I had to try. On the outside I was saying "look how much baby weight I lost already" by wearing my favorite fitted tank. But truly I knew my muscles were weak. Maybe I would modify my exercise.

I missed my friends. We were at a point in life where my husband worked crazy long hours. Crazy as in, he left the house at 3am and was home by 7pm. Family lived an ocean away (literally). I was lonely. I wanted to have conversations during the day. To feel like life was normal. I needed my friends. Exercise was the glue to our friendship and I wanted badly to belong again.

I didn't want to seem like I was taking the easy way out so I did all the strength exercises anyway. I was barely 6 weeks postpartum. In my head...I knew better. My form wasn't great but I made it a habit to strength train with my running group. Man, those exercises were so hard. I was sweaty, I could feel my abs shaking my whole body like I was a vibrating plank. My sports bra was digging into my ribs. I was barely able to hang with the group. But...I had my supportive friends back. They cheered me on.

Then, a month later I woke up with pain. My abs felt like they were pulling apart at the middle. I could barely roll over. A bunch of deep breaths later, I managed to sit up. Shoot. I started to really worry I had made myself worse.

I found out I had made my diastasis recti worse with the exercises I had done. This pain appeared anytime I slept in one position for more than a few hours. It lingered for over a year. I had to stop sleeping on my side most nights. Now it was more than just my baby and toddler keeping me up at night.

So, try 2 of returning to exercise after having a baby...not fully successful. After my first baby, I struggled with pelvic floor leaking and could not run for almost a year. Recovering from delivering baby #2 I had that part figured out. No bladder issues this time around. I just messed up getting strong again by doing exercises my body wasn't ready for.

But you know what?

A few years later, I had my third baby.

This time. I was determined. I read all the research I could.

I set out on a plan.

I documented each step of the process.

They say third time is a charm. You know what?

I did it.

My plan worked beautifully.

Back to exercise and workout DVDs without limitations, weakness or bladder issues.

100% deep muscles recovered. Mission Complete.

After talking with one of my best friends...I realized other moms need this.

No one tells you how to heal after having a baby.


Hi, I'm Dr. Shari, PT, DPT,OCS, BSES
I have been passionate about exercise and the human body my entire life which led to a career in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Exercise Science.

My strong interests have been in what exercises work specific muscles, why it does and how to optimize efforts to get results.

It astounds me that postnatal recovery is so vaguely talked about as if your body will simply "bounce back" one day.

After spending years reading research on postnatal recovery and documenting my 3 journeys I am on a mission to share my hard-earned wisdom with as many women as possible.

It's not all about baby. It's about YOU.

What would it mean to you
to Feel Strong and Energized as an Active Mom?

If all you were able to do after this mission was to chase your little one confidently around the backyard, would it be worth it?

Imagine being able to teach your child all the fun aspects of how to jump, how to run and all the giggles that come along with it as they try. These memories are ones that cannot be missed. Time flies faster than we ever imagine before we are mamas.

You can be the mama who is always by their side. Actively playing, living and teaching.

If all you gain is your child viewing you as the strong unstoppable woman you it worth it?

Once you are feeling strong and energized the confidence you have in your body
will change the way you live your life.
Are you ready for a....
m.E. Mission!?!
Mission Journal
M.E. (mama Essentials) Mission takes you from tired, weak and squishy to strong, energized and ready for bigger workouts
in less than 30 minutes a WEEK.
 Your Mission Includes...
Second by Second Coaching
Hit play and you will be guided each second through your mission. No questioning what to do or being unable to do it all.

You will have 3 sessions a week over your 45 days.

Each mission takes around 5 minutes. You can hit play and do each core and pelvic floor workout discretely while no one knows you're even on a mission. 

Take the guess work out and forget the guide books. 
We walk you through every rep and every core and pelvic floor exercise.
Mama Milestones Journals
Have you ever had a baby book? Why not track Mama's Milestones too?

Track the details of the mission. The mission of being a mom and also the progress of your Mama Essential exercises as you become stronger. Grow in confidence. Try new things for the "first time" again.

Mama has new firsts too. Save them in your Mama Milestones Journal.
Video Option
Gain the clarity and confidence of knowing your stretches and abdominal work is being done correctly by choosing the step by step videos rather than audio. You pick what works for you.
 M.E. MISSION also has exclusive bonuses
not shared with anyone else!!!
Energy Bonus #1
Quick Fuel Guide
This quick fuel guide will make shopping a breeze so you can fuel your day.

You move at mama speed, you need fuel.

Proper fueling and eating good QUICK foods are key for your M.E. Mission.
Support Bonus #2
Support Group
You will have access to a private online community group for support with the M.E. Mission.

You're not alone.
Live Q&A
Hop on a 30 minute group coaching call with Dr. Shari, PT to receive support and guidance.

These Q&A sessions are for you to ask anything you need.
The M.E. Mission has been designed to transform your energy and make you confidently strong!
Our 3 Day Money Back Guarantee
Is for those who complete the entire first week if you feel it is not for you.
What Others Say
Get Another Mom's Opinion.
You can feel....
Better Than You Imagine
Over the next 42 days, you deserve to give yourself 10 minutes as a gift. These 10 minutes consistently will leave you feeling strong, energized and confident to workout the way you used to.

Leave the guessing, the trial and error for someone else. Follow a set plan so you know you aren't making mistakes or wasting your time.

Having a strong core and pelvic floor set you up for success to do workouts you choose in the future.

Remember, you're just 10 minutes away...

-Dr. Shari, Physical Therapist
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The M.E. Mission!
  •  Second by Second Coaching ($175 Value)
  •  Video Tutorials ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus Energy Guide ($17 Value)
  •  Bonus Support Group ($97 Value)
Total Value: $408
But today, you're getting this clinically approved program...
For Only For $408, $67
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